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OK Management Inc. is a privately held property management and apartment investment company currently headquartered in Eastchester, New York. OK Management's capital resources and highly knowledgeable staff allows for short due diligence periods and quick closings as needed.

Asset Location:
OK Management continues to examine all growing markets across the nation, with particular interest in assets available in the North East, specifically, the lower Hudson Valley.

Asset Size:
Generally 100 units and up. OK Management will also consider smaller properties located in New York City.

Asset Type:
Post 1970 constructed properties currently producing income. OK Management will also consider renovation/repositioning opportunities.

Transaction Size:
Individual assets to large portfolios.

Transaction Structure:
Cash or cash to existing mortgage has been the predominant structure. OK Management will consider assumption of existing financing if the terms are agreeable.

Marketing Package Submissions:
You may e-mail further questions to Sundeep@okmgmt.com. OK Management has underwritten many assets and can quickly determine if there is immediate interest or if the asset has been submitted previously




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