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Caryl Ave. Properties:
Major Deegan (I-87), Bronx River Expressway, or Hutchinson River Parkway To Cross County Parkway WEST
Take the SAW MILL PKWY SOUTH exit- EXIT 2- on the LEFT toward NEW YORK CITY. 0.1 mi
Merge onto SAW MILL PKWY S/SAW MILL RIVER PKWY S/NY-9A S via the exit on the LEFT. 1.3 mi
Take EXIT 3 toward MCLEAN AVE/YONKERS. <0.1 mi
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto PUTNAM AVE. <0.1 mi
PUTNAM AVE becomes MCLEAN AVE. 0.2 mi
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto CARYL AVE. 0.1 mi
Turn LEFT onto VAN CORTLANDT PK AVE. <0.1 mi
Turn RIGHT onto CARYL AVE. 0.2 mi

85 St. Andrews Pl.

300 Palisade Ave.
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